Thursday, January 31, 2008

Self portrait

January 31, the last day of the month, the last day of Everyday art. Pshew.

Since I wound up drawing portraits of other people a lot this month, I thought I'd add one more to finish it off. This is a sketchy self-portrait I gave myself twenty minutes to put together. As any relative will tell you, my face is never in this sort of nongoofy repose but it is how I see myself when I'm looking in the mirror with a camera. Add wrinkles to the forehead and it isn't that inaccurate.

Since a portrait of myself is self-reflective anyway, I'll continue the trend and add that I've loved doing art again this month. I learned that I can still see lines and somewhat draw, that I haven't gotten comfortable with color but I'd like to, and that there is almost always a way of digging out the time to practice.

C and I have played with finger paints, crayons and magic markers for years for the fun of the process (a necessary focus for kids). Having to put together a complete product - something other people would see - made me start paying attention and really try. I'm happy I did.


tuckova said...

I have really enjoyed this "Everyday Art" of yours... it's a treat to see your world as well as read it.

Tommy Williams said...

I, too, have enjoyed this month of art and I hope you keep posting drawings in the future.

You imply that the expression on your face is idealized but I think a self-portrait should look like the way you see yourself in the mirror because that is the way we look to ourselves and yet we so rarely look that way in photos that others make of us. If I'm making any sense....

jessmonster said...

I hope this doesn't mean you'll stop posting drawings and art! Your self-portrait reminds me of your portraits of Caroline - and I can't tell how much is being drawn by the same person and how much is genetic (not really knowing what either of you look like).

Julia said...

I'll definitely keep posting sketches, it has been too fun to give up. I just won't post them as frequently, that was a challenge. Only my stubborn desire to finish what I had started kept me posting so often!

Tommy, I had never thought about self-portraits that way, but now that you mention it I do agree.

Our friends say that C looks like me, and she does in these sketches too, it's true. She has dark hair though, and naturally large eyes and is much more beautiful ;-). My hair is curly and lighter and my eyes large only thanks to glasses.

Hayley said...

Wow, your talents amaze me! Music, Business, Mom and now Artist!!