Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Word of the day - clown

This weekend, pregnancy hips intervened with our plans and I was left flattened on a sofa all of Saturday. No ice skating, no playground, no playing chase around the flat, and no art for me. To shake the blues and entertain C, I set up her easel next to the couch and we played school.

The word of the day - snow. We made ice (very useful for a bad back ;-), we melted ice, we cut out snow flakes, and held a snowball fight with the leftover paper. We sang all the snow songs we could think of and then sang all our spring, summer and fall songs for good measure. We read through the many snow related books in C's library and then talked about them to the nth degree. I'm such a bird nerd that at one point I had the Peterson Bird book out showing C the snowy owl that Jan Brett drew in The Three Snow Bears.

Unbelievably, we played from noon to night and only stopped for supper and a few student/teacher coffee and snack breaks. It was great fun, and totally took my mind off the subject of hips. Caroline learned the word "snow" and says she quite likes the letter n now. (It was a bit confusing before apparently).

Sunday we played again, keeping snow as our word. Monday, she asked for a new word and suggested clown. So clown it has been. In honor of our word of the day, and during a longish conference call this afternoon, a doodle appeared in my sketch book which I later redrew in ink (for a little more pizazz). It isn't much but I hope it'll do for a Tuesday.


Kelly said...

I don't think that if I was offered money I could be as creative as you are off the top of your head :) Have you considered teaching a "creativity for parents" course in your spare time??

Julia said...

No, but it would be awfully fun to write more about. And I am always happy for people to come by and join in too! (Hm...how about making books at our house one Saturday?)

lenabee said...

That reminds me - if you're having a rushed day take a photo of the theater!!! That was incredibly impressive (making my MIL like J more then me - sniff...)