Wednesday, January 09, 2008

“22 Weeks (and 11 inches)”

Tonight you rest content to roam
within the small space we two
have spun. Home is a narrow room
you’ve backed into, head tucked tight.
“She feels safe that way,
look, there’s more room behind her,”
the doctor says as she ciphers light
from silent sound on the monitor.

But times are, I feel you
elbow out, reach beyond those lines,
stretching my longing point too.
Time soon will be, face to face
we’ll begin our divide. Then will
I remember this balance of roll
and righting? How easy it seemed
to carry you, by my side.

-me, February 19, 2003

Though truthfully I'm actually 23 weeks pregnant today. I meant to post this yesterday but fell asleep with Tuesday-ness. How's that for some news?


bouncy said...

Congratulations! That's wonderful news.

jen said...

what a beautiful poem- the images are crisp and clear- it gives me both an idea of what it might feel like and a yearning to know. beautiful. truly.


blackbird said...

That's some pretty great news!

I thought you were writing about weight loss - which didn't make sense...

Julia said...

That is very funny. Maybe I should rename the poem to be clearer ;-).

I wrote it when I was pregnant with Caroline, years ago. Even though I'm not as obsessed with weeks this time, I like the rest still because it is even more real to me, how unique this moment is in our lives together.

tuckova said...

I think that is excellent news. Congratulations!!

lenabee said...

My favorite of your poems!

Karla said...

Wow, the things I miss when I don't check in regularly! That's exciting news.

jessmonster said...

Lovely - and congratulations! The title made immediate sense to me, but then I've got babies on the brain (a friend just had one and I'm anxious to visit).