Saturday, January 05, 2008

Coffee doodles

Will starts his day brewing a pot of coffee in our moka machine. We have two - a 3 cup and a 1. When we go on vacation we often take the largest, just in case coffee is in short supply. Will uses the small for his early morning brew, and it is blackened with use.

I love the 1930s design of these machines, and thought of the pot as the perfect doodle subject after our visit to the Josef Lada exhibit at Obecni Dum (Municipal House) today. Josef Lada's line drawings are inspirational, to say the least, and the thirties were prime time for him. I can just imagine him having a cup of coffee from one of these, carefully poured and steaming.


Karla said...

I'm missing a Lada exhibition? I'm very upset. There were relatively few exciting shows while I was in Prague (OK, a few) and now they have Lada???

Julia said...

It is an excellent exhibit, with many many illustrations and a separate wing for his paintings. His earlier illustrations (WWI era) are very interesting because quite expressive and critical of various political happenings at the time. It makes me wonder what his drawings would have been like in the 50s without censor.

What is also neat is how many people are there at all times, of all generations including young kids.