Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Butterfly and beetle

A few years ago, Caroline added her voice to our annual calendar debate and we became a Krtek and friends calendar house. At work, if I hang anything at all, sailboats and coastal scenes free my view and organize my meetings. The big bookstores downtown never fail to carry these standbys and I pick one up each January.

But my favorite calendar, the one I found once and never found again, hung a year of beetle, butterfly and spider photos on our wall and I loved it. I tucked that calendar into the back of my art wardrobe* for a rainy day, and I'm glad I did, because it was pure pleasure to sketch this little beetle and his butterfly companion. After I scanned them in last night, I fell asleep and dreamed of a forest full of Luna moths.

*Living in a city, I have an art wardrobe instead of an art studio ;-).


Tommy Williams said...

Of all the different styles you have shown this month, I am drawn (ha! ha!) most to the pen-and-ink like this one. In this one, particularly, I love the lines you have made, some so interesting that they are shapes in their own right.

Perhaps you should make a calendar of your drawings and put it up on or some equivalent--I bet a lot of people would like a calendar of *your* work as much as you like the calendar of the beetles and butterfiles.

lenabee said...

I do agree with Tommy (Hi Tommy - it has been awhile!) - these type of pen sketches are also my favorites!

Such a calendar would be a good Christmas present for the sister In-laws!

Julia said...

Thanks guys for the feedback, it really helps to hear other people's thoughts on something so immediate perspective wanders away.

I'd guess that because the pen and ink drawings are what I'm most comfortable with of all the styles I tried this month, they wind up being the most whimsical and satisfying too.

Calendars, hmm!! I like the idea.