Friday, January 25, 2008

Library of Congress on Flickr

LOC's color photos from the 1930s and 40s

The cold that felled the rest of the family this week, keeping C sprawled on the couch surrounded by tissues and adorned always with a sippy cup*, finally reached me yesterday. Somehow being able to breath through my nose seems a necessary prerequisite for sketching, so I have nothing new to offer up today except a link to a collection of photographs from the 30s and 40s which the Library of Congress has just uploaded to Flickr.

* A sippy cup of herbal tea that is, with honey liberally applied to it and lemons squeezed in if we have them. Tea is necessary for health in the Czech Republic and Caroline at 4 firmly believes this too.


jessmonster said...

Tea IS necessary for health. Hope you're all feeling better soon. Thanks for the link to the pictures...I could waste so much time that way.

Julia said...

I rationed myself to 12 pages a day ;-).

What I love the most about the site are the photos of people and their clothing, plus the random pictures that clarify images I'd seen before but never quite understood (what a barrage balloon really looks like, for example).

Also cool, this is just the start of the LOC's Flickr experiment. More to come I hope!!

jessmonster said...

I think my favorite part about it is just that the LOC has a Flickr account! And wouldn't it be great to stumble on a picture of a grand-parent or someone you recognize?

I love that you're rationing pages.