Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Caroline with Pippi braids

As promised last week, a quick sketch of Caroline with Pippi braids. We braided sparkly pipe cleaners into her hair to hold up her hair. It nearly worked! She doesn't have the freckles or the red hair but she loves Pippi Longstocking and likes to wear striped stockings and dresses with big pockets in imitation of her hero.


Karla said...

Another Pippi fan, that's splendid. I used to sleep with my feet on the pillow in imitation of Pippi. And I was a Thing-Finder, which did not go over too well at home.

All these art projects make me terribly impressed and envious! Your talents are innumerable.

Julia said...

I like to sleep with my feet on my pillow still, but only in the summer. They seem to appreciate it when it is especially hot and the pillow is cool ;-).

Terrible confession but I have not done any art to speak of for such a long time that my own twin sister thought I'd given it up. I've been lucky to have light work this month and the art challenge to spur me on. Combine those things with the prospect of not having free time in the near future and it made me start thinking visually again.

Hey, and your gamelan orchestra playing is pretty damned cool too you know. When are you going to post some pictures?

Karla said...

I haven't actually taken any pictures of the gamelan. For that matter, I don't take a lot of pictures here since I don't have to take the camera to the library and I haven't figured out how to get the pictures from the cell phone onto the computer.