Monday, January 07, 2008

Shoe portrait

Years ago I started taking portraits of my feet at various seasons. Since Caroline learned to use a camera, she has jumped into the habit herself. I based this painting on a picture she took of her feet last year in her new winter boots. I like the angle of the sidewalk and the primary-ish colors. Caroline calls it her (Czech) flag picture and though the colors are rotated, I know what she means.


Bella Art Girl said...

julia - the art store people are very helpful. I would recommend a company called Gamblin. They have great information about their products and how to use them. They are small enough and paticular enough to really cater to artists and for a paint company are surprisingly conscious about the environment and how what they do effects it. Thanks for the comment. I commented on this post because I love the shoe portrait and the colors. It's fun to see more people in real situations actually trying to do art. Carpe diem.

Julia said...

Thanks Bella, Gamblin's web site looks quite good, I appreciate the suggestion. I painted the shoes with water soluble oils (imported, it doesn't get sold here) but would very much like to try regular oils this summer when we can open up the flat and the wind can blow through!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia, I love your Czech blog, and wonder why you don't continue blogging anymore?

Thanks, Anna