Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sunday recital

Caroline's half year dance recital was Sunday afternoon, at a little theater close to our flat. Her class got to wear what C called the big girl costumes, complete with hoodies, and danced to Czech songs and, surprisingly (and in English), the "Ants Go Marching One by One."

After taking over one hundred pictures and barely finding one in focus without an audience appendage in the way, I've made a vow to join the camera-armed fathers lining the walls next time. This sketch is from the only picture of Caroline complete.

Technical difficulties aside, I got all teary eyed watching the little kids in their tutus and assorted costumes. Getting to witness Caroline rapturously follow her dance teacher's moves, and dance with her classmates with great beams and smiles made my weekend. Afterwards Caroline and her five person fan club (Will, me and our babysitter family) went out for ice cream and hot chocolate and a rehash of the show. It was Sunday afternoon at its best.

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