Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fly Away

Caroline's word of the day is "hat". Thinking I would draw a doodle of her current favorite hat I scrolled through my Picasa archives and discovered no photo of said hat, but instead a picture of Will and Caroline from years ago that I love dearly. It shows Will carrying C across a field in Germany where we have just been trying to fly a kite (can't you tell?). The wind kept the kites on the ground, but we all got outside and ran around working off our coffee lunch and for the first time Caroline met a field of grass. She found it green and marvelous.


lizardek said...

Adorable! HEY! I just realized! If we make it to Prague this year, I could maybe even MEET you! (not a stalker, I swear :) not even an internet psycho!) Just a thought :)

Julia said...

I saw your wish list for the year and thought about that too, keep me posted on your trip! Depending upon which part of Sweden you live in, Helvetica flies from Copenhagen for great prices, especially when it isn't August.