Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Almost Mardi Gras

Caroline asked to join in Everyday Art* this month too. (She really wanted to get her hands on the scanner.) So we jumped on Photoshop and she scanned her favorite drawing of me, two Mardi Gras fairy puppets we made recently, and a little book we put together this weekend and put it all into one collage for Tuesday. Happy Tuesday!

* C draws everyday already. It is apparently her favorite kindergarten thing to do, and there are few days that go by without a "post" delivery from her when I get home from work. At night while we're putting dinner together she'll scribble until the plates reach the table if I have the paper and pens out and ready. Quantity of ink on paper interests her the most right now, but every now and then she'll decide to pick a subject and draw it. At her school she announced I was pregnant with a drawing of me looking quite similar to the picture above, but with a giant belly. This was before anyone had even noticed at work ;-).


Tommy Williams said...

But where are your glasses in the portrait?

Julia said...

She's probably so used to them she left them out, following the don't draw every brick idea ;-). Or she drew a picture of Ellen and decided to say it was me. Hmm...I'll have to ask!