Monday, January 21, 2008

Starbucks almost here

"Is it Christmas?" Caroline asked, when I woke her early this Saturday and helped her get dressed. "Something like that" I said, before pouring out cereal and hustling to start some coffee.

Just like Christmas morning, everyone moved at their own pace. I settled into patience, braided C's hair to satisfaction and found the last lost shoe before we headed out. I'd been waiting nearly nine years for today, I could handle thirty more minutes.

The tram to downtown picked us up at 10; it crossed the river, then turned onto Malostranske namesti - our stop. Just in time, Will pulled me off the tracks as another tram went by. I thanked him distractedly before taking out my camera to document what had nearly gotten me run over: padlocks on doors, signs for another day set out on the sidewalk. Despite the news reports, the first Starbucks in Prague was still closed until Tuesday.

The morning wasn't lost. We met friends and went to Bohemia Bagel for pancakes and coffee. The latte was delicious, but I'm heading back to Mala Strana tomorrow. It's time to put that long wait behind me.

Starbucks: Malostranske Namesti 5, Praha 1


lenabee said...

Silly girl - not at all obsessive!

Julia said...

Nope, not me ;-). But you know, the best takeout coffee in Prague was McDonalds before this (for consistency of flavor and convenience of location) so you can understand my delight. And it is one less thing to miss.

Kelly said...

So??? How was it this morning? Did you get anywhere near the counter to order?

Julia said...

Caroline stayed out of school sick today so I missed my window of Starbucks time. I'm going to try again tomorrow, and there is consolation in knowing I might make it to the counter this way ;-).