Monday, January 21, 2008

Maybe wallpaper

Caroline is moving. To herald the arrival of the baby, and make space for a crib in the smallish room our relatives call a walk-in closet and we call the nursery, we're turning our office/guest room/library into C's bedroom. To get her used to the idea, we've transformed it into a play room already. Once painted and decorated, we'll move a bed in too.

The painter came today to pick out colors and we finalized our deliberations. "White," I said. "Rainbow" argued Caroline. "Red, black, purple and pink." A brief melee ensued, involving painter, babysitter, Caroline and myself in various languages, but finally we agreed. White, and we'll hang lots of paintings all about and set up shelves in different colors above the bed (tucked out of site from the dinner table by a very convenient door).

Tonight we dabbled in watercolor and talked about color again. Red pink purple black are C's favorite colors and have been since she knew how to ask for them, but she's starting to like blue too. We played with repetition and then I made up a square for her of blue and black rain drops. Tomorrow I'm due to repeat the project in red and black, and maybe purple and black and for sure pink. Caroline is thinking of a new line of wallpaper - to go over the bed or cover her wardrobe, and wouldn't the baby like some watercolor wallpaper too?

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