Friday, January 04, 2008

The Kiss

For today's art, Caroline and I played with my oil pastels. While I drew away, she practiced writing her favorite words in many colors. HO HO HO and NO are tops for her, but she learned ZOO today too and surprised us with HI.

This is a picture of C lavishing her love on her cousin Julian.* Even though we live several countries away, she talks about Julian all the time and named her latest babydoll after him. She has requested this drawing go up in her room for posterity ;-).

* Christina at {my typography} and bella art girl inspired me to try a kid's portrait - something I'm generally wary of attempting. Thank you guys!


Nancy Bergenske said...

Very lovely... all of your art is wonderful!

Happy creating

lenabee said...

I would so love a copy of this!

Julia said...

Thanks Nancy!

And Ee, I'll see what I can do for sure. I'd give you this one but Caroline has claimed it.

Bella Art Girl said...

I had not seen this on my earlier purusal of the blog...without your mention of me I still would say I love this and am amazed by your skill. I'm glad your daughter wants it up. My older girl loves the art I do and often requests them in her room. After Wilder's painting was done I could see Wilder chattering away at it so I think they both will be art girls.

Julia said...

Thanks Bella, I can just imagine Wilder talking away at her portrait. So cute. I definitely think it is a fun thing we can give our kids - the feeling that art at home is just a normal part of life and something accessible to everyone.