Sunday, February 03, 2008

In which I forget the existence of hips

Saturday night, home from a party, none of us were ready for sleep. Caroline and I lounged about reading and listening to music set to random. Blues followed country followed jazz. Then “99 Luftballons” came on. I solemnly took C's hand and said, “This, Caroline, was the European youth anthem of the 80s. Perhaps the most fabulous song recorded that decade, it will stop a room full of grownups in their tracks and make them dance.”

Then dance we must, in the kitchen on the wide oak boards just right for bare toes. Pajamed, stamping feet, C and I threw ourselves into the beat. I picked her up and twirled her around, we tried a few swing steps, then Caroline grabbed my shirt and pulled it over her head, “Hello baby are you dancing too, let’s all dance” she said. And we did.

I’m a little stiff today, but glad to know that I can still boogie with less than three months to go.


Tommy Williams said...

There was a time when I could sing much of the song in German. And, in the US, of course, it was only cool if you listened to the original German lyrics rather than the English translation.

lizardek said...

Wait until she hears Der Kommissar, whoa oh oh!

Julia said...

It really is a great song, makes me happy every time I hear it (which is contrary to the lyrics, I know).

C is a huge Beatles fan, and loves anything classical with a lyrical line to it. Perhaps it is time to branch out to Neue Deutsche Welle? My brother-in-law would be in favor!

lenabee said...

NOOOOO not another NDW fan!!! (From the long suffering wife ;))

Karla said...

Less than 3 months to go??? Here I was thinking I might stealthily knit you something. But hmmm... maybe not in what might be the last three months of grad school!

Julia said...

The baby would still love a knit Karla dodah after he's born!

I'd ask about the last chapters but I remember the pain that Will went through on those last bits and will restrain myself ;-).