Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hearts on the line - Happy Valentine's!

Caroline woke me up this morning with a question:
     Mommie, how do I say "Happy Valentine's Day" to my teacher?

Never a coherent translator early in the day, I mumbled something about Valentinska, but then recommended that C just hand her teacher a heart and add a hug to go with it.

We have Valentine's hearts to go around, as C spent a long Saturday painting splashy, many hued watercolors for me to cut into valentines. The cards didn't scan well, so I collected our extra hearts and laid them out for all to see. Photoshop gave me a few extra layers and voila, kolokolo's valentine's card to its readers!


Valentine's Day isn't exactly a Czech holiday, but each February 14th finds Prague florists and restaurants busier than the year before. Today Will came home with the news that the flower shop had a line out the door, and when we called in an order of bibimbop to our favorite Japanese/Korean restaurant they apologized and told us the wait would be at least an hour. I was happy waiting for flowers until tomorrow, but couldn't resist the bibimbop - its addictive spicey sauce has tempted me all day!


christina said...

So pretty! Happy Valentine's Day.

Germany doesn't really go whole hog on Valentine's Day either, but on the news they said that they do sell twice as many flowers on Feb. 14 than on any other day, especially red roses. And at three times the regular price!

Julia said...

Wow, that's impressive price inflation! On the news we just found out that European red roses are from Kenya. Who knew?