Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sprucing up Kolokolo

Every flower shop in Prague hosts little pots of spring bulbs this time of year. The day after we take the Christmas tree down, I'll buy a few bulbs for the pleasure of watching spring arrive inside earlier than out. Already two hyacinth blooms have grown green from between their leaves, burst into pink and started their fall. I think I'll try a daffodil next.

Meanwhile, today I decided to add some spring to Kolokolo and switched its template from Blogger's classic format into a layout template. I kept the colors I still like and took advantage of the simplicity of the new header bar format to spiffy up the title. I also really wanted to list my labels in a cloud (the true reason I switched to layouts) so found a nice script for this and added that as well. Any comments, suggestions and criticisms are most welcome.


Tommy Williams said...

I like the new design. I have grown tired of the tag clouds (saturation of "social" sites, I guess) but it looks pleasantly restrained here.

About the picture: how do you get the red border? Do you add that in after you scan the picture or do you make it somehow beforehand out of construction paper or something? I can't imagine how you could get such a smooth effect unless you did it on the computer.

Anonymous said...

Very nice makeover!

Julia said...

The red border is thanks to a piece of construction paper I use as a frame behind the drawings when I scan them in. (I cut the sketches from their white background to make them pop out a little more.) I tried doing this in photoshop but could never get the curves to my liking so reverted to scissors. I do sometimes change the background color of the paper in photoshop though, since Ikea's construction paper color selection is somewhat limited!

With the labels cloud, I decided to use it to save space. Long lists of labels are boring, but I'm such an organizer at heart I liked the idea of indexing stories somehow. A happy compromise!