Monday, February 11, 2008

Masthead Photo

Summertime in Denmark, when the sun comes out the light seems made for photography. Two years ago we spent a week in Copenhagen, and each time the sun appeared my camera did too. I took this picture as we strolled down a main street of town, heading home from one of the parks we'd explored that morning. Danish design slays me and I took frame after frame of store windows we passed. I particularly liked this pic - the lighting shop's lamps suspended, the reflection of the holiday wreaths in the windows across the street, even the bar code cloth combined to make it one of my favorites from the trip.

I chose this image for the masthead because a blog is all about reflections, about what we see in front of us and behind us. And because I love those lamps, stars in the winter.


lenabee said...

And there I was thinking it was a clever use of photoshop! ;)

Excellent photo!

Tommy Williams said...

Reflections are a key part of the tradition of photography, maybe because they look so different in a photo than when we see them in person. They absolutely torment me, though, and I have not tried to photograph reflections in a long time--when they're present in one of my pictures, I am mostly trying to ignore them or minimize them. It's one area (of so many) I need to work on.

And all this selfish talk about myself to say how well you handled them in this photo.

Julia said...

Thanks! It has a lot of noise in it, but I was using our ancient digital Canon so I think that's why. With reflections, I usually snap several frames with different points of focus to see which works best.