Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Little Baby Glee

Here's a picture of J just a few days ago. He's chatting away, practicing one of his two favorite words - Harold and Helga. He loves to be talked to and he especially loves when you say something he can echo. Then he'll grin with delight, wiggle all over and answer in kind.

Me: Harold?
J: Haaarol
M: Helga?
J: Elllga*

*Elgar might be a better transcription, J wiggles along to his cello concerto too!


Barrett Bonden said...

He looks as though he's at the slow-focus stage. As he stares outwards all is new and amazing and there's just too much to concentrate on. Then an object he has seen before - usually his mother's face - floats across this sea of images. He starts to focus, not just his eyes but his face as well. The effort is visible. Then Zap! Recognition. And lo, he's part of the family.

Julia said...

So true, and babies are funny - they often concentrate on you by turning their head away and then reaching up a hand to feel your face. But when we start talking to each other, that's when he likes to gaze.

Karla said...

He's already talking??! Well, I should expect this from your family. He's also cuter than the average baby!

Julia said...

He chatters away, practicing making sounds, and he likes to mimic us when we mimic him, but the only word he says with any meaning somewhat attached is MAMAMAMAMA which seems to mean - feed me or else!

joan said...

What a darling! Look at that amazing hair. Wow.