Friday, August 15, 2008

The Erroll Flynn of graffiti artists

Ano! takhle chci! smenit pohled na kultura!
Yes! I want! to change the view on culture!
Apparently this is what happens when Robin Hood picks up Warhol's banana as his bow and arrow - surreptitious mass produced stenciling.


lenabee said...

Surely these stencils are the work of one artist?

Julia said...

Hard to know with stencils. They're pretty common these days and it would be easy to copy designs and make the stencils if someone has any concept of silk screen printing.

Hey, just found out there is a graffiti festival happening in Prague next week - wacky coincidence eh?

Lucy said...

I like the way this one blends with the surface it's on, it's very well placed.

James looks such fun in that previous photo btw!

Lucy said...

Hello, again!

When are you coming to Brittany? Re your enquiry about bookstores, what exactly are you looking for? Books in French, or English, precious old books or cheap reading matter? I have to confess most of the latter for me come from Amazon, but to browse is nice. We trade our old books at an English/French book shop inland in Josselin, but my students tell me there's a good one in St Brieuc, though I've not explored for it yet.

St Brieuc is probably your best bet anyway, or perhaps Dinan. I doubt there's much in Val Andre and I've not seen much in Lamballe. I want to give myself a bit of time in town when all our immediate concerns are over, I've promised another bloggin friend I'd post her some tourist info for a trip next year, so I'll do some research. We could even meet up there - it's not a terribly easy town for access if you don't know it...

E-mail me if you like, at lucy-dot-kempton-at-wanadoo-dot-fr.