Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Walk in the Woods

We spent the weekend in the mountains north of Prague, just on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland. We stayed in Rokytnice nad Jizerou in a pension set into the side of a hill above town. It was the first trip out of Prague for the baby and the first for me this year, and the entire weekend felt like I had just woken up and was stretching my toes in delight.

Sunday found us hiking up the hill behind the pension on a mushroom and blueberry hunt. While Caroline and her friends tracked down all the berries they could eat, I took pictures. I wanted to see if I could find patterns in the forest the same way that I can in town. I think I'm better at finding textures, but anyway, here is the condensed story of our walk up hill, past the last cottage, and into the woods.

And yes, we did find mushrooms too!


Tommy Williams said...

The presentation of the pictures is almost like a face, or a head, with the hair at top and the windows as the eyes. It makes me think of the Ents from "The Lord of the Rings" for some reason.

Bella Art Girl said...

it is fun to see a slice of another land. I know my girls would have loved to be with yours picking berries

Julia said...

Tommy - You're right, I hadn't noticed that! I was going for a macro/micro approach to sort of force a design, and then liked the way the varying depths created a ripple effect. But I like the idea of an Ent made out of layers.

Bella - Blueberry picking is great with kids, I do agree. (Especially true when the bushes are the short European variety that seem designed for the picking comfort of wood elves and small children.) Bring your two over next summer and we'll plan an expedition!