Friday, August 08, 2008

Piano Play

Caroline likes to doodle on the piano now, playing a sort of jazzy one handed improv. She pretends she's playing along with a score, and sometimes announces that she is playing Rudolph, or one of the Czech folk songs she's learned in school. One of my favorite moments in the day is just before dinner, when we get her set up messing about on the piano while we fix a meal. We tell her she's singing for her supper.


Tommy Williams said...

Just wait until she can reach the pedals--then you'll get true entertainment.

Does she have any interest in the guitar there beside the piano?

And do you ever play the violin for her?

Julia said...

She does like the guitar, but mostly for percussion reasons.

I play the piano more now, though last year I played violin in a trio and I'm hoping to start that up again this fall, we're already getting our music together!

Suse said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, so I could come and find yours!

I too have the music to An Equal Music, and it was lovely to read the book while listening to the pieces :)

Karla said...

That's a great photo!