Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Psi Psani Graffiti

Stencil graffiti on street corner.

"Psi psani" roughly translated - doggish doggerel.


Kelly said...

My favorite one, which was still in tact when I last walked to your flat, is "Banana Children on the Rice" :) NO idea what it means, but it fascinates me none the less! It's on the wall by the tall air vent tower. Is that where the rest of them are from?

Barrett Bonden said...

Once graffiti was impulse art. Now it's preconceived. Not only is it necessary to carry paint but also stencils. Soon artists will be toting floodlights for nighttime work and compressors to drive spray-guns. Do the Czech authorities tolerate it? Or is there a van, as here, labelled Anti-Graffiti Patrol? Not only have I never seen a graffiti artist at work, I've never seen what techniques the Eraser Mob use.

Julia said...

Kelly, I'll have to look for Banana Children, I don't think I've ever seen it! These come from Kampa island and a wall on Moravska.

BB, it depends on the section of Prague that you're in - Prague 1 cleans up graffiti faster than the other, less touristy areas (it also cleans up dog poop fast, neither impress tourists much). Other areas are slower to scrub. And then there is Kampa and the Lennon wall where graffiti is definitely allowed.

I've never seen an Eraser Mob either - but I have seen building cleaners painting over the tagging.

Karla said...

That's a great bit. Some graffiti (even if preconceived) is definitely better than others.

One of the students in my MA program had a boyfriend who was a Graffiti Artist (I think we have to put that in caps in this case). If I recall correctly, he spent his days in art school and his nights out graffiti-ing the greater DC area. I'm not sure that I ever saw any of his work, but I heard plenty of stories of him falling off things. I thought it was bit odd for a middle-class white guy, but people said no, graffiti art is big among middle-class white guys. Um, ok... Not that I ever got to the bottom of Czech graffiti.

Julia said...

I really like this graffiti too - it's very close to the sidewalk, on the corner of an old building where dogs like to pee, and the parallel between dogs marking their territory and graffiti artists doing something similar cracks me up.