Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Watching the Results Come In

watching the 2012 US Election results in Prague, Czech Republic
Last night I stayed up to watch the U.S. election results at the American Center here in Prague. As the sun rose and the light filtered through the archways of Mala Strana, we watched Ohio slowly become a certainty. It was magical.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I actually planned to go to sleep and wake up to the news, but D turned it on and they announced it pretty early (I thought). Went to bed feeling SO relieved and happy.

Mame said...

I thought we might not have an answer before Friday. It was delightful to go to bed last night knowing that womens rights would not be set back 50 years, health care would not be repealed and other issues important to my family were safe!

Julia said...

GG - It was great news to start our day with yesterday, and kept me energized all day despite the lack of sleep!

Mame - great to see you in the comment box :-). I was really worried that we were going to have a drawn out election too!