Thursday, November 08, 2012

Backstage at the fashion show

back stage at a Prague Fashion week show, September 2012
We went to two shows this fall during Prague Fashion Week. They featured young Czech designers, with avant-garde flair. I enjoyed watching the designers cheer for each other as their collections premiered, and Caroline and I got a kick out of deconstructing outfits and figuring out their inspirations. "Monster movies," decided C during a collection that was clearly zombie inspired. I introduced her to Mondrian after another.

The shows were well choreographed, with music and images on screens behind the runway, and the models shone (when they weren't dressed as zombies), particularly our babysitter, who made every outfit she wore look like it was sewn with silver and gold thread. After the first collection I asked Caroline what she thought it was all about. "It's funny," she said. "I thought a fashion show would be about clothes, but it's really not, is it. It's more about art."


Mame said...

Wise girl!

alice c said...

What a fabulous opportunity for you to enjoy together. If you love fabric and design, people watching and pzazz then fashion shows are the place to be.

Julia said...

The people watching was superb indeed!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a cool experience. I've heard that these shows are "themed" which always made them seem like art to me, too.