Thursday, November 01, 2012

Trick or Treat

trick or treat in Prague, Halloween 2012
{Caroline tries out a levitation spell on James; J practices being scary; one of our favorite decorations of the evening; tightly woven braids gave C the frizzy head of hair she's always longed for; witches a prowl on all Hallow's Eve}

Last night, as we inched our way past parked cars, and streams of children rushing from house to house, James worried about candy.

"Will there be any left? Are we too late?" he asked, prepared to leap from his seat the moment I turned off the car. Caroline, deep into her role as Hermione the defender of reason, answered him before I could. "Now then, even if they're out of candy, at least the houses will be decorated." Her British accent was perfect.

To the kids' delight, the houses were not only decorated, but still full of sweets. Many thanks once again to the families in Nebusice for opening their doors to the hordes of candy loving children in Prague, and making many an American feel that, just for an evening, they'd headed home for Halloween.


lizardek said...

so awesome when the holidays work, even in a foreign country! :)

Lucy said...

Wonderful, love the street scene, I can almost smell it!

Julia said...

Liz - you're right, and they're particularly fun with kids!

Lucy - it was a perfect Halloween night, chilly but not freezing and the air was full of the tannic smell of fall leaves.