Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Floating Resolutions

I like month-long projects. A few years ago, before James was born, I decided I’d try to do a little art every day for a month. It was a most creative time, and the happiest mid winter I’ve ever experienced. Thanks to NaBloPoMo, this month I’m trying to write and take pictures every day. And two months ago? In September, Caroline and I set up a challenge for ourselves. I’d pick out a new outfit for her each school day for a month, and she'd get dressed in time for us to photograph the results before she left for school. I upped the ante by betting I’d figure out outfits without buying anything new for the year beyond a pair of boots and the school dress of C’s heart‘s desire.*

For a month of school days, Caroline got dressed without complaint. Our portrait sessions worked wonders on two grumpy morning people, and after a few days we started to get goofy. One Monday, I asked if she could please try some floating. It became a game each day as she tried to jump as high as she could and I tried to find enough light to keep the results from being a complete blur. When the first of October rolled around, we were both a little sad when I didn’t pull out the camera. I put together the collages for C that night so we could see her side by side.

Now when Caroline is stuck deciding on an outfit for the next day, we'll check the collages to help make her choice. I get a kick out of skimming through the pictures and watching how they progress through the month, how we finessed the jump and tried it out in one spot or another around the house, which days left enough time for braids, and which for only pony tails. And Caroline and I are already plotting a new challenge for January, we'll keep you posted on what our next month-long resolution might be!

*Because she doesn’t have to wear uniforms, she thinks they’re cool.


Lynn said...

That is the coolest idea EVER. My favorite outfits, by the way, are the first one in the bottom row of the first grid, and the second one in the top row of the second grid.

Can't wait to see what you two come up with for January!

meredith said...

This is a GREAT idea!

lizardek said...

You guys are awesome! What a super fun idea and what a great way to get through the "I don't have anything to wear!" mornings!

Barrett Bonden said...

You may have come close to busting Blogger with this assembly of delightful pix. Kolo kolo took an age to open up. I like the bribery idea; so much more civilised than carrying a big stick. Everyone's a winner except the person who makes a living selling sticks.