Sunday, November 27, 2011

Advent Wreath Time

All over town Advent wreaths are on sale, in various states of readiness. You can either buy a wreath off the shelf or be bold and make your own. Foam core wreaths, hot glue guns, candles of all color and decorations of all types - the world's your oyster when it comes to construction. We made our own again this year (minus the glue gun), and even James helped decorate. This evening, Caroline set the table to show off the wreath, and even though dinner was simple (thankfully, as I'm feeling like a stuffed turkey myself), it felt like a special occasion - a fitting way to end our Thanksgiving weekend and begin the holiday season.


Lucy said...

I often think the first Sunday in advent is the best bit of Christmas. Yours looks cosy and fun.

meredith said...

Good idea! I need to make an advent wreath.

Barrett Bonden said...

It's my elder grandson's birthday - not five-year-old Zach but crusty 25-year-old Ian. As well as some dosh we sent him an innovation I haven't seen before, an advent calendar done like a UK chocolate bar (ie, one square per day). They probably came over with the Pilgrim Fathers in the US. He still remains grumpy though.

Julia said...

Lucy - it is a really nice moment, a lull in the storm.

Meredith - do people regularly make wreaths there? It is more popular here than in the States as people don't put up their trees until the 24th.

BB - The US didn't have calendars like that when I was a kid but could well now. They are very popular here, and some companies even print their own and send them around to clients.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

My son brought home an advent manger from school yesterday. We've never done "advent" before, so it's kind of cool.
Also feeling stuffed--STILL, after all these days!