Monday, November 21, 2011

An Old Fashioned Portrait

Rather than post pictures of yet another darkening sky, I thought I'd brighten us all up with a collage from late October, when we were on a short trip abroad. Any guesses on the country? (Ellen, you can't play ;-).

Note added: There are nine more days of NaBloPoMo. I've got a long list of possibilities to write about, but rather than hear about the syrarna* around the corner, wouldn't you rather send in a question and I'll do my best to answer it? (Within reason, I've never been able to figure out why Clara Schumann married Robert, despite the seance our music theory teacher conducted freshman year).

* cheese store


Barrett Bonden said...

Look, I know Prague is a great city but these photos really ratchet up the aesthetics. C. looks as though she's on a very expensive film set and where, I might ask, is everyone else? Different in winter, I suppose.

Re. previous: on the two occasions we passed the Spanish Synagogue we were en route for the opera or running against some other timetable.

Beaujolais/Berlioz - alliteration too! You may be in line for a BB annual Oscar.

Barrett Bonden said...

Sorry, back again, Just noticed the question. You mean you're surprised Clara was attracted to someone who was slightly doo-lally? Perhaps he allowed her to monopolise the piano concerto which I re-heard by accident on Sunday and, despite its pop tendencies,is very pleasing (Berlioz, eat your heart out). My problem is all those eighteenth - nineteenth century folk who persisted with lovers who were consumptive. The unmentionable details make this a very tough row to hoe.

meredith said...


Barrett Bonden said...

All bets off. I really should read your posts more attentively and all the way through. In short - I've no idea.

Lucy said...

Was it that your music theory teacher was unable to channel the spirit of Clara, or was it that he/she did but Clara was unable to satisfactorily answer the question beyond an ectoplasmic shrug and a 'seemed like a good idea at the time'?

That's not a question for your Nablo inspiration, by the way (unless you'd like it to be). I'll try to think of another.

I know, thinking and reading around the subject of tete de veau: are there any Czech specialities you cannot bring yourself to eat or drink?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You have such an advantage--cute girl, cobblestones and a red beret on her. Sheesh.

lizardek said...

Perfect pictures! :) I can't believe we've made it this far through November...though I still haven't written anything for today and time is running away with me. Might have to be bulletpoints again. Drrr

Julia said...

BB - I've never liked R Schumann (though his music is beautiful) because he squashed Clara's composition skills and got her to play his music instead.

Meredith - not France, but I thought the scene looked absolutely French (the beret helped ;-). Instead, we were in a little town in Germany, about 3 hours from here.

Lucy - Our teacher was asking Clara Schumann about a chord progression, when I asked her why Robert he got a bit peeved and ended the seance, so I never did get a straight answer ;-). And thank you by the way, your question inspired my blog post today (the answer - most of the mystery meat that Czech manufacturers pretend is food).

GG - She's fun to help dress now, but I know it won't be long until I won't have a chance any more!

Liz - 22 days is a long haul isn't it? Only a few more to go, we can make it!!

Ellen said...

That was a most glorious picture day.