Saturday, November 12, 2011

Music to Work By (It's Better than Coffee)

Daily* blog posts aside (and last night's parade), I've worked a lot recently, staying up past midnight most nights as our team finishes projects, and starts a few more. It's November, our busy season, and I know that things will quiet again in January. In the meantime, there's music to listen to, and work to get done. Off I run!

* Because it's November, and NaBloPoMo.


Barrett Bonden said...

Don't need to play this, I've got it, though I believe there are two versions, usually distinguished by their years (like wine). Gould should be played on the highest of hi-fi systems because by now I have concluded that his groaning accompaniment is meant to be heard. Casals the same. The interesting thing with Gould (although this may be a result of my musical incompetence) is that he either groans ahead of the beat or he creates an entirely separate descant with a different time signature.

As the years have rolled by the Goldberg, which was always in single figures in my pantheon, has crept up and is now in the top five. The trouble is you have to set aside quite a large chunk of time to get the full effect but when you do you realise (Nah, not you, I mean me; you were probably born tinkling a quodlibet as you emerged) that this is a dramatic work, a long way from sterile contrapuntal exercises and that it was never meant to be chopped up into thirty-odd pieces which are then played here and there and out of sequence. I can hear the air now, as I type, so stark, so pregnant, so certain. But I can't play it for the moment (it's on the computer - just a switch and a mouse-click away) I have to go and get The Observer. No one who loves the Goldberg can be all bad, can they?

Julia said...

BB, we've both versions and I prefer the earlier as it seems less produced. For a long time I didn't prefer either, and thought the Goldberg overrated, but now I could listen to them again and again (and I do).

Barrett Bonden said...

Oh cor, I feel so lonely. Can't you persuade one of your many mates to join us?

Julia said...

This is what happens when a person blogs everyday. People get lost in the loads of posts and can't keep up with the comments. I vow I'll never do it again, at least on the weekends!