Friday, October 10, 2008

Still time to send in your write-in absentee ballot

Have you sent in a request for your ballot but not received it yet? No worries, you can still send in a write-in absentee ballot. and Democrats Abroad sent me the following handy dandy information sheet which I've pasted below, adding a few more links of my own to make it a bit more equal opportunity.

Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB)
Step-by-Step Voter Check-List
The FWAB is a back-up ballot that you can use to vote with today. If you subsequently receive your state ballot, vote with that, too. The FWAB is only counted if your state ballot is not received by your state by the ballot return deadline. Click here for deadlines.

Get the FWAB: Go to Simply answer the six screens of questions and download and print the nine page document. You will receive (1) Instructions (where you will find the address to send the FWAB), (2) Electronic Transmission Sheet and Federal Postcard Application which you do NOT need; (3) The Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot which includes a Voter’s Declaration/Affirmation, the Ballot and Instructions.

Sign and Date the Voter's Declaration/Affirmation: When you use, the Voter's Declaration/Affirmation will be filled in based upon your voting state's requirements and the information you provided. You just need to review the information, sign and date it. Check the following list to see if you need a witness or additional documentation.

  • Alabama: 2 witnesses OR Notary (must be over the age of 18)
  • Alaska: 1 witness (dated and signed)
  • Arizona: Proof of Citizenship (copy of passport or birth certificate)
  • Louisiana: 2 witnesses (must sign security envelope)
  • North Carolina: 2 witnesses (must be over 18 sign and include address)
  • South Carolina: 1 witness – No signature necessary
  • Virginia: 1 witness – No signature necessary
  • Wisconsin: 1 witness (include date of birth of witness – must be a U.S. Citizen)

Vote the FWAB: You can either write in the candidate's name or the word Democrat/Republican. (It is unlikely that you will need the second page of the ballot).

To find out who the Democratic or Republican candidates are for House and Senate, click here. To find your Congressional District, click here, enter your voting zip code and then click on "current election."

Seal the Ballot Envelope: Put your voted FWAB ONLY in a plain white envelope and seal it. Write on the outside of the envelope “Security Envelope.”

In the Mailing Envelope: Put the sealed “Security Envelope” and the Signed and Dated Voter's Declaration/Affirmation in a mailing envelope.

Enter Return Address: Write your name and current mailing address in the upper left hand corner of the mailing envelope.

Address the Envelope: Write the address of your Local Election Office on the mailing envelope. The address of your Local Election Office is provided on your customized information sheet.

Double Check: Double check that you have completed everything.

Ensure evidence of mailing from outside the US:

Foreign Postmark: Affix the appropriate postage. All states will accept a foreign postmark as evidence of submission from outside the U.S.

Consular Stamp: All states have been informed by the U.S. State Department that they should accept a consular stamp as evidence of submission from outside the U.S. Using the consular service results in your mailing envelope being placed in the US postal system. Affix a $.42 U.S. Postage Stamp.

Commercial Courier: Some states will also accept a commercial courier service waybill as evidence of submission from outside the U.S. Using a courier service should be a last resort. Alabama explicitly refuses to accept materials sent to them by commercial couriers, such as Federal Express and DHL. If using a courier, please staple a copy of the air waybill to the ballot envelope prior to sealing the courier envelope.

Seal the addressed envelope – and Mail your FWAB Today! has a useful FAQ right here.


Barrett Bonden said...

Is it significant that Democrats Abroad sent you the stuff but not GOPers Abroad?

Julia said...

I'm a member of Dems Abroad, but it is true that we haven't seen much activity from expat GOPers this year.

Barrett Bonden said...

Oh, I'm so glad.

Julia said...


lenabee said...

They're either in hiding or have converted...

Lucy said...

Can you do me a forged one...?

poppy fields said...

I voted!

eurolush said...

I voted, too!

Go Obama! We need you!

countrypeapie said...

Dad says Democrats Abroad have "state" status and therefore have voting delegates in the Convention, whereas Republicans Abroad do not. (Obviously, expat votes are counted regardless of party, but I thought this was an interesting distinction.)

Julia said...

DA does have state recognition by the Democratic National Committee and actually has 8 voting members who get to cast their votes at the Democratic National Convention every four years. For the final presidential election though, members of Democrats Abroad along with other expat voters cast their ballots in the last U.S. state they can claim residency in.