Monday, October 20, 2008

Best Coffee In Prague?

mamacoffee collage, Prague
Our new favorite coffee spot - mamacoffee. On the corner of Rumunska and Londynska in Prague 2, mamacoffee's got beans that make our coffee pot say mnam, and serves coffee (for here or to go) that rivals the perkiest of the perky on the US West Coast. We don't even have to cross the river to find it, mamacoffee's in our neighborhood, just a few streets from home.


Barrett Bonden said...

You've opened a can of worms. Many Europeans don't understand American tastes in coffee, not recognising that often it is - or was - drunk as an accompaniment to meals (like tea in the UK) rather than as an aftermath. As a result it's weaker, albeit not weak. After six years in the US that's the style I prefer though I'm not against a strong one at the end, provided the armagnac is drinkable. Another US habit I adopted: eating the salad separately before the main course, to the point where I can't stand cold lettuce and tomato together with hot meat and spuds.

That said, things are changing as The Simpsons predicted and Starbucks will finally rule the world. Though my impression is that most of the coffee drunk therein is not black but adulterated.

Eleanor said...

You know...I like coffee...but I love cafes even more...just sitting and sipping and people watching. I have never done so in Prague...until this post, so thanks Julia!

P.S. I linked today to your post on "The Lady of the Fir". I hope that's ok with you. I have simply fallen in love with that statue and C's comment.