Friday, October 21, 2005

Jaromir Nohavica live

One of my favorite songwriters, who happens to be Czech, is touring in the U.S. right now. If you're close to any of these locations, I recommend catching his concert!

Here's a review from his D.C. concert. Here is a (my) hack translation of "Moje Smutne Srdce". And here is the best site on the internet for Nohavica news and information.

Jaromir Nohavica
Denver - October 21
Chicago - October 23

Singer-songwriter Jaromir Nohavica moving on to North America...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks soooo much for introducing me to Nohavica. Along with Lhasa de Sela, the nicest discovery in the past month!

* S in Z