Saturday, December 01, 2012

Saturday at the Farmer's Market

The light at the Jiriho z Podebrad farmer's market today made everything glow. I thought you might like to see the old fashioned weights that the flower stand uses to weigh their pumpkins (they sell flowers, pumpkins, advent candles - whatever seems to strike their fancy).

The pumpkins look like they are on their way out, but that's fine by us. Wreaths and garlands have arrived and smell just like Christmas, says Caroline. We bought some garland today for our Advent wreath. The kids already have the glue gun out - let's see what sticks!


Sue said...

I love how there are only three colours in your photo -red, yellow and blue-green. Very pleasing.

Julia said...

Hi Sue, it does look a bit like a Wes Anderson movie, so true! That was really just luck, paired with the filtered light that a canvas tent cover so handily provides.

Roderick Robinson said...

Ages since I saw a weighing scale like that; I think they've been dropped by shops in the UK because of the difficulty of maintaining their accuracy.

I have now become colour-conscious about Kolo Kolo and there's some kind of complementarity between that shade of turquoise and that shade of red. Almost as if the combination were procaiming you. I seem to remember making a sage comment a couple of years ago about the effect of lighted uncurtained windows seen in conjunction with deep snow and you were able (due to your multifarious and seemingly unlimited talents) to quote proof of this via a colour spectrum presented as a circle. It woud be nice to think that I'd struck gold twice (and I see someone else is impressed by the colours of your pic) but it's sufficient that the effect - to me at least - is inescapable.

Julia said...

The light filtering through the red canvas made all the difference in the colors that day. If we were to look with a loupe at the screen we'd see bunches of red over all the colors, even the blue. I believe that's what makes it so harmonious. (Plus the extravagant luck that everything in the picture is yellow, blue or reddish orange, which makes me downright gleeful).

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a festive place! Hope the glue gun got everything to stick.