Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Antidote to Christmas Crowds

Shopping in December usually ranks high on my list of chores I’d rather not do. Add an errand run to my day’s work list and, presto, I decide it’s time to write my next proposal, and didn’t that cabinet need to be reorganized?

Add Caroline to that same errand run, and crowded trams, surly shop attendants, rainy weather become peccadilloes to add to the comedy routine which is Caroline on a shopping trip.

Quotes from a recent afternoon out:

"No Mommie, we can NOT wear that pink. This is the maximum pink we can wear."
(Shows me a sweater so burgundy it's about to turn blue.)

(Surveying a very long, shapeless dress.)
"That would look HORRENDOUS on most people. It’s only for a model, maximum."

(Checking out an unusual mannikin display.)
"Have you seen this...this boot? What are they thinking? It’s like they’re trying to poke an eye out! That’s really the maximum."

(Long thought)
"You know, I like the word 'maximum.' Maximum and minimum, they cover it all."


Anonymous said...

Send her here--I think she's help me handle the chore of shopping too!

Paola said...

I am thankful I have a boy. I truly wouldn't know how to deal with today's girls fashion sense and attitude.

Julia said...

GG, we'll go shopping with you when you visit :-).

Paola, Caroline likes to shop on the boys side of a store to avoid pink and sequins, so I think you two would get along!

Roderick Robinson said...

But you are a model.

A model mother, teacher, texter, expatriate, music explainer, intellectual, US ambassador - fill in another dozen.

Mind you I might be with C on the subject of pink.

Julia said...

Ah Robbie, you make me blush! But not pink, I try to avoid that color too :-).

Ellen said...

Julian and Caroline should go shopping together. They'd balance each other out. Julian - drawn to anything that is glittery or gold - who told me last Sunday that he LOVES the color gold most, because it is so rare. And he knows it is, because pirates are always looking for it.