Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vinobrani at Grebovka

vinobrani festival in Grebovka 
On Saturday the new wine festival moved from namesti Miru to Grebovka, and we went with it. So did the rest of Prague 2, as you may be able to tell in the top picture. James philosophically watched the crowds while Caroline and her friends learned about spinning, weaving, coin making, and how to get the best view in an outdoor concert (from your father's shoulders of course). We dutifully stood in line for our burčak and vowed that next year we'd beat the crowds and come earlier.

We did not have a bite of Krtek (our favorite little mole), even though he was much admired by the little girls. As Caroline and I finally decided, his picture would last a lot longer than his cookie presence.


Barrett Bonden said...

Coin making! An article in today's The Guardian reveals that 30m forged pound-sterling coins are presently floating around the British economy. I'd always thought forging coins was one of those Monty Python crimes - it cost more to make a coin than you could fence it for. Clearly Czecho graffitists are diversifying but someone should tell them that not all crime pays.

Julia said...

In this case they are making about 2 pounds per child forged coin. It was well worth it though. I'm just sorry I didn't get to film the action but I got distracted translating. (I never thought I'd need to understand the phrase - whatever you do, don't pick up that red hot flaming replica of a czech medallion from ancient times!).