Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Meringues in shop window

Have you ever seen meringues so big? The girls tried them for breakfast once, but only ate nibbles, they were so sweet.


Karla said...

I'm not surprised that it was only nibbles, meringues are just way too much for me in general! But such fun to look at.

Julia said...

For me too. Apparently they're best crumbled up into fruit with cream on top, but I've never tried them that way.

jessica said...

makes me laugh. i have lived in europe for three years, and twice before that. and it wasnt until last month that i too happened upon thebiggestmeringuesknowntoman. in fact, ive never even tasted them. had to ask the swiss husband what they were. saw them in annecy, and the woman carrying the tray out had arms like arnold schw. go figure.