Monday, September 08, 2008

View from the ramparts, St. Malo

Can you tell I like precisionist paintings? We visited St. Malo and walked most of the way around its ramparts. Across the bay from the town stood factories and cranes and I thought Charles Sheeler would have liked this view in particular.


Tommy Williams said...

I thought this was a painting before reading the text: the muted colors and especially the yellow windows in the factory (if those are windows) look like they have been painted rather than photographed. I like the way you used the poles in the lower part of the frame to divide it up into different looks at the barge and then, finally, on the right, no barge at all.

Julia said...

Zooming in on my original, I'm pretty sure those are not real windows but rather designed boxes of some sort (bird or plane warnings perhaps?).

I'm glad you like the poles, I was sad that I couldn't get in front of them with my camera, but now feel justified ;-).