Monday, May 23, 2005

Sleepless nights and headlamp day

We are about to launch a product for a client of ours, so I'm putting in lots of extra time after hours getting my part ready for the launch. Combine that time with Caroline care, dining out with business partners and every now and then washing some clothes, and well, I'm not getting much sleep. Today I woke up at 5:30 to finish something by 8 and realized: I am so not a morning person. It took a 7:30 cup of tea from Will and a hot shower to uncurl my lip from its grimace of disbelief that I was actually awake at such an ungodly hour.

Of course today was the day that our main babysitter headed to her annual pilgrimage to the spa, our second developed a ticklish throat with a week long doctor's excuse and the third was on a trip home to the border of Poland to pick up a new driver's license. In my sleep-baffled state I predicted it would be a major disaster, but luckily both Caroline and Will rose beautifully to the occasion. Will came home for lunch duty and I pulled C's easel into my office and she drew away (while seated on the potty, she likes multi-tasking). When she got bored with drawing she ran around the house wearing my headlamp and yelling "shadow! shadow!"

She tickles us no end with her toddler talk and we get her to say "Cahline" whenever she will. I also love how she says "Are You?" for "Where are you?" and "is that?" for "What is that?"

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E said...

Congrats on the project!

Anonymous said...

Hey Julia, coincidentally, we just got Alexandra an easel (revealing the identity of the mystery anonymous poster). She's had a potty for a while, but mainly enjoys climbing on & off it, rather than actually using it.
Great photos too.

Did I ever tell you our story about someone stealing photos of A. my website and using them on her blog?

Julia said...

someone stole photos! how bizarre. Do they still have a website?