Saturday, May 28, 2005

Caroline is in her crib, taking a nap. Or rather, she is in her crib, talking to herself and to her bears, discussing the latest paleontology news or whatever toddlers find to babble about during their afternoon “rest times“.

Bump. The chatter subsides. She’s thrown her sippy cup to the floor and has decided to sleep. I mentally sigh with satisfaction, and turn to the NYT for five minutes of news before I get started on some work.

Hi Mommie, breathes a small voice from the doorway, and there she is. Babble babble! she says in excitement. I pick her up and run to our room,
    "Will! She’s out of her crib! Why did you take her out?
But you did, when you put on her pajamas.
    Not me. It must have been you, please tell me it was you!"

Caroline is jubilant. Will and I try to pretend that our lives haven’t just changed.

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e said...

and now I understand what you were implying by the paradigm shift thingy...