Thursday, May 26, 2005

The ruin of Rosy Hue 039

Last night was not the most restful of nights. Imagine if you will, Caroline’s skill sets laid out like little race cars on a track, all racing toward the finish line of self sufficiency. Then imagine that one of those cars – the ability to strip yourself of all of your clothes AND your diaper – gets way ahead of the cars that represent „dressing one‘s ownself“ and „being interested in telling your parents when you have to pee“. Well, the inevitable outcome to this race happened at midnight last night and it was all (to mix a metaphor) down hill from there. At 5:30, after having spent a restless night with the child sheet-wrestling champion of Prague, I finally drifted off to sleep, vaguely noting that she seemed to be climbing off the bed in pursuit of other entertainment. So so foolish of me to let that mental note expire, unexamined.

Because one hour later Caroline is standing by my ear saying wakeup wakeup, and I’m waking up, but it isn’t wakeup she is saying, it is makeup. And she has certainly covered herself in it, from lips to toes. Apparently Caroline doesn’t have the same lipstick absorbing skin that I have (when I was in my one and only music video they had to finally assign a makeup lady to my lips alone). Once applied, Rosy Hue sticks around. It takes three wash cloths, complete bath tub emersion and at least half a bottle of baby shampoo before C emerges looking somewhat less maroon.

I'm happy to note that even at an early hour we handled ourselves as responsible parents should, asking the important questions: 1. did she eat it? (no makeup in teeth, no saying fooey and rubbing tongue on towel, and actually very little even close to her mouth helped us rule that out) and 2. should we take a picture for posterity? (again no, for vague reasons that had more to do with it being 6:30 in the morning than anything else).

The rest of the day went well, thank you very much. But if I were voting, I'd say that the score for the night came out to Caroline 2, parents 0. And Rosy Hue*, r.i.p.

* name changed to protect the innocent and because the label was absorbed during the course of this morning’s activities

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E said...

Next time a photo really would be rather the thing... imagine the wedding video¨!