Sunday, May 22, 2005

CSS clicks butt

Last night I stayed up until 1:30 hand coding a website for one of our clients. It was the first time in eons that I had done that (combination of needing to finish a project before Monday, our production guy not being available and general cuss‘ed stuborness). We’re doing most of our html using CSS these days, which is new for me and for my antique version of dreamweaver, hence the hand coding. But I love learning something new and after some serious mistakes (and a swift blessing to the saint of htmlers for reminding me to make a copy of all my files) I got into the swing of the thing and by this morning had a rolled out site ready for tomorrow’s show and tell.

It’s even more satisfying because I designed the site myself, and it is a pretty little thing. Our clients asked me for something Mondrianesque, but still somewhat like their old site, and remarkably it worked. When it goes live, I'll post a link.

Here it is: Identity online

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