Friday, July 25, 2008

July, shortly

James keeps getting bigger and bigger. Here he is today, almost grown out of the blue sleeper that swallowed him when he came home three months ago.

The hole outside my window has also gotten bigger and bigger. We suspect they may be digging to China, or at least to the metro.

We celebrated Caroline's birthday (at the end of June) three times in July. As a result, Caroline became a candle blowing-out expert. She says she is a "big 5," now that she's hit 5.07 years old.

Baby life isn't all about crying and spitting up any more. See? J's on his baby playground here. Caroline likes to join him sometimes and pretend she's Gulliver.

Myself, I'm mostly found with a baby draped over one arm, phone in the other. I'm working full time from home and chasing after that elusive thing called sleep.

What are you up to, this side of July?


Anonymous said...

He looks so big already. I'm sure he feels even bigger when you're carrying him around all day.

We're enjoying the summer that came so late this year although the grass has gone brown on schedule--this year by design. We talk every winter about pulling the grass in the front and replacing it with native plants or putting in raised beds in the back to grow vegetables (this year we have even started to imagine adding a chicken coop) but as I look out the window of my office the grass is still there in the orangey morning light.

Julia said...

He mostly sits propped up in my lap while I work on the computer, but I do notice how heavy he is at night when we pace before sleep. He's my weight training device.

So glad to hear from you, Ellen and I missed you stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that. I have just been so busy at work that I had no energy for anything else. I was reading your blog I was just too lazy to come by and say anything.

That sounds ludicrous but it's amazing how hard it can be sometimes--and then every time you don't respond it gets just a little bit harder.

I will try to do better in the future.