Monday, December 21, 2009

Solstice and ornaments

We've had snow aplenty here in Prague, and I meant to go outside and take lots of beautiful pictures of the rooftops covered in snow, Charles Bridge covered in snow, the castle covered in snow. Only thing is, I've discovered that I'm a dreadful wimp when it comes to taking pictures in ice cold, finger freezing weather. I step outside, camera in hand, walk a block and then dive into a coffee shop till my eyelashes unfreeze. Then I repeat myself, and finally I scamper home to warm up by sitting on top of a radiator.

Today though, the shortest day of the year, was a gorgeously sunny day here in Prague. Please imagine sparkly streets covered with Christmas shoppers and people running around going to their last business meetings of the year (that was me) while I show off a few of my favorite Christmas tree ornaments, all from the Czech Republic or Austria.

{1} Ferris wheel made of beads and bells, {2} beaded bike, and a strange little insect I made myself, {3} a hedgehog looking like it belongs in a creche, {4} spinning top and a mushroom for Eurolush, {5} sleeping cat, {6} beaded train, {7} embroidered shoe - the first Christmas ornament I ever bought years ago in the Viennese Christmas markets.

I hope everyone has a really Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Ya'll take care and for all of you with snow, enjoy the fun!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Christmas tree comes home

C loves Christmas trees, even if they feel as prickly as hedgehogs. At least she's learned to wear her ski mittens when she picks them up!

Living close to a Christmas market, one of the many things I look forward to in December is the chance to pick out a tree and walk it home with us. It was freezing Saturday, and I worried about our tree guys' fingers, but they very nicely held up many a tree for us to consider and then wrapped up the chosen one in its wrap for our walk home, all the while smiling and talking away to Caroline about Christmas and Ježíšek* and was she really going to carry the tree all the way home by herself?

*Ježíšek is little baby Jesus, who delivers presents to Czech children on Christmas Eve in lieu of Saint Nick, who has after all visited only a few weeks before.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Mikulas Eve

Half of Vinohrady showed up to see the trios of devil, angel and Mikulas in Namesti Miru last night. Caroline practiced her song before we headed out, but stayed nervous until her first trio checked their big book and told her she'd cleared customs - this year at least the devil wouldn't be bundling her off in his sack - and as always, the angel told her that if she sang nicely they'd even give her some candy. So she did.
On the way home we passed a trio getting ready for their big show. Here a proud Mikulas gets his beard glued on by golden angels.
This might be my favorite picture, ever.