Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ahoj matey!

Every day Caroline comes home from her summer school with new pirate accoutrements. Hat, sword, map and telescope - she's even added an eye patch to her costume collection. It's all made of paper and tape, but she's convinced the telescope works. She wants to adjust some settings though to make it as powerful as her new yellow binoculars, featured above, one of her best birthday presents.

Here she shows off her binoc technique, she says she's ready to sail the seas with 'glasses' as powerful as these!


Ellen said...

Finally she likes pirates!!! What a present giving paradise this opens up!

Karla said...

One of my father's nurses asked him how to say "hello" in Czech and for some reason the form he came up with was "ahoj." She was a bit skeptical even after I told her it was really how people greet friends. I would have thought he would have said "Nazdar" instead. ("Dobrý den" is too formal since I don't think he ever greeted many shopkeepers.)