Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Little Gardening

Caroline loves puttering about in gardens and would happily spend all afternoon watering and rewatering any plant she comes across. We've reached an understanding on this subject though, so she now asks me before she turns on the deluge, and we hope our plants will survive a bit longer as a result.

At the beginning of March, we grew an amaryllis bulb into flower. Yesterday James and I picked C up from school and we walked to our favorite flower store a few blocks away to see what we could try next. Bulbs have a disheartening habit of blooming and then dying away for the season, so we're branching out into herbs and C has a promise that we will plant our retired daffodil bulb in the next available garden.


Barrett Bonden said...

Now that's the size of garden I can cope with. But you may run into problems when accumulated disappointment requires you to pave it.

countrypeapie said...

Pretty! And is that sunlight I see?

Julia said...

Sunlight comes, sunlight goes - it's very March here! Our "garden" is already getting leggy with the sun attention though. It looks like we'll be nibbling on some of our herbs soon.

If all fails, perhaps we could turn the planter into a book stand?