Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wallenstein's Grotto

One of the oddest follies I've seen in the Czech Republic, Wallenstein's grotto stands at the south end of the long gardens enclosed by the Senate building here in Prague. The drips are supposed to be stalactites and stalagmites, but they look more like the walls of a seaside mud castle to me. Just to the right of the wall, you can see an apiary built into a corner of the grotto. We didn't see any of its resident locals, but just outside the mesh, peacocks strutted and yelped, sounding remarkably similar to the grass warden guarding the park from anyone who might dare to step on the lawn (other than the peacocks of course).


david santos said...


SUÍÇA 1 República Checa 0
SUÍÇA 0 República Checa 0
SUÍÇA 0 República Checa 1


lenabee said...

Oh dear, did Switzerland play the Czech Republic???

Julia said...

Apparently! I didn't know.

Jackie said...

I am enjoying your blog. We just returned from Prague last month. Your photos remind me of the walks we took through the same areas. We have lots of photos of doors also. Prague is beautiful. What made you move there?