Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Books, books, books

One of our friends got married last weekend and we sent Will off to the States for the great event (and to do a little shopping!). To help out while he was gone, two very good friends (one my twin) split up the week and flew over to help out. Not only did they share the baby joggling, they entertained C, helped keep the flat clean and gave me a great excuse to go exploring everyday. Now they are gone and I'm a little lonely. But I do have some compensation in front of me. See the stack? Those are the books that Will brought back with him from the States when he came home yesterday. New reading material, hurrah!!


lenabee said...

Nigella Express! You too can start eating vodka soaked pasta (very much our favorite). But where is the Happiest Baby book???

Side, Swing, Suck, Shhhh, ack I always forget the 5th one... SWADDLE! (The primary points of the book...)

Julia said...

Nigella is great, but best not read while hungry! I've already finished two of the twenty-five, may have to try to slow down my consumption a bit ;-).