Friday, June 06, 2008

A Day for the River

The weather continues beautifully sunny and hot. Today while I work (on babies, contracts and laundry) I'm daydreaming about being out on the river, messing about in a boat. In Prague, paddle boats and row boats are easy to rent, there are several ferries that will take you across the river for the price of a tram ticket, and you can even rent a Chinese junk by the hour. My favorite boat for the river though is a canoe, and my favorite spot for a paddle is in the south, near Cesky Krumlov, where the river is wilder and the banks are closer than the Vltava near Prague.

While I wait for our next trip south though, Caroline and I have a treat in store for us - just in time for the summer, a read through of A Wind in the Willows and life with Ratty and Mole, Toad and Badger. It will be interesting to see what C thinks of a quartet like those fellows!

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Lucy said...

Ah, the Piper at the Gates of Dawn! (Sniff...)