Sunday, October 22, 2006

Who is the Emily Postova of Prague?

Because I need to meet her, or at least read her book. I mean, I thought I knew a few things about Czech manners. I knew to always take off my shoes when I walk into someone’s house, even if they tell me not to. I knew to always offer someone something to drink when they first arrive in the office. I knew to eat with both hands showing above the table at all times and to keep my fork in my left hand instead of switching it back to the right. I knew how to use forks and knives as signals to my waiter that no I’m still eating (fork and knife at 8 and 4 o‘clock on my plate), or yes I’m done (fork and knife neatly aligned at 3 o’clock). I sort of thought I had my protocol down.

But then.

Just a few days ago, I was out with a good friend of mine, eating Chinese in the middle of nowhere. It was very bad Chinese food, and we were the only people in the restaurant, but it was also the only restaurant within a kilometer of where we were working. So there we dined. And suddenly, my friend said:

F: Julia, why are eating your food that way? Where’s your knife?
J: A knife? For all the giant pieces of identifiable meat that are not on my plate right now? What are you talking about?
F: Because it is bad manners to only eat with a fork.
J: Next time I’ll ask for chop sticks. We’re eating Chinese you know.
F: I mean, generally. You’ve got to always eat with your knife and your fork, like this. Didn’t you realize? (He demonstrates.)
J: Aha! Now I see!! (The light breaks and years of wondering why Czech people needed a pusher to get food on their fork are suddenly clarified.)
F: And if you want to be very polite, you keep your arms tucked by your side. No elbow flapping.
J: (Considering my elbows) I really hope everyone knows I’m an American when I eat out or they’d think I had horrible manners.
F: Don’t worry, they do.

And with that, we changed the subject.


morskyjezek said...

I think I had some interesting comment, but it was lost as I was redirected while signing in to blogger beta. :-(

But great story anwyay! :-) They need things shaken up around here a bit, sometimes, even if it is the small things like knives and elbows.

tuckova said...

The worst violation of etiquette is correcting the manners of others. Of course you can't tell your friend that without getting stuck in some Mobius manners loop, but you could think it quietly to yourself. And then write about it.

Gar, Czechs telling Americans how to eat Chinese food is a jumble.

Julia said...

In this case, he told me with the best intentions, and I am more glad to know than not, despite feeling a bit chagrined. But I'll trade momentary embarrassment for a story almost any day!

lemuel said...

Sorry to say, but your friend sounds like an asshole.

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